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Choosing The Right Poker Room: How To Find The Best Place To Play!
There are many online poker rooms on the web these days. We have spent a long time reviewing the very best online poker rooms for you to try, however we recommend that you read this guide before picking one. This site focuses on offering online poker reviews but try here for the best online casinos. You may well be spending a lot of time playing poker at the poker room you eventually choose, so why not take a few minutes to read our beginner's guide to make sure you know which poker room will be the best one for you?

Part 1: Read Some Of Our Online Poker Room Reviews
We like to think that our poker room reviews are among the best reviews you'll find anywhere online, so save yourself some effort and make use of them! The Online Poker Reviews team have worked hard to review all the poker rooms listed here. The first thing to do is to read some of our reviews and pick a highly rated poker room. Our poker room reviews take into consideration the important factors about each poker room, such as the number of games offered, accepted payment methods, reputation, support information and many other details too. Our highest rated poker rooms are the best place to start when looking for a good all-round poker room.

Part 2: Make Sure That The Games You Like Are On Offer!
These days there are many different online poker games with different rules, advantages and disadvantages. If you want to play a particular games then you should ensure that the online poker room you wish to try actually offers that game! Each of our poker room reviews include a list of all the games on offer at the poker room. Make sure that you check the list for the game you want to play. The drop down boxes on the left hand side of each page let you sort our poker room reviews by the games on offer.

Part 3: Can You Deposit And Withdraw Funds Easily?
You may want to play online poker for real money and if you do then you need to check that the poker room will let you deposit money how you want to. You will also need to be able to withdraw your winnings if and when you win! All of our poker room reviews show you how you can deposit and withdraw funds from your player account. Check to see if the payment method you want to use is shown in our review. If it isn't shown then look for another poker room. You can filter our online poker room reviews by payment method using the drop down list on the left hand side of each page on this site.

Most people tend to use credit or debit cards when depositing money. It is a quick and easy way to deposit money and you can get started straight away. The main options are Visa and Mastercard (click the links to view the links poker rooms accepting these payment methods).

Another good way way to deposit and withdraw money is Neteller. Neteller is a good option for several reasons. You can cash out your winnings more quickly (usually within 24 hours). Also many of poker rooms we have reviewed will give you extra free bonuses when depositing using Neteller. Pretty cool huh? To get started you just need to sign up for a free Neteller account at Once you are set up you'll be all ready to play!

There are many other different ways to deposit and withdraw money too. You can view a complete list of accepted payment methods using the drop down box on the left.

Part 4: A Few Other Things To Check
Our reviews have lots of information to make choosing a good poker room easier. Find out things like whether you can chat with other players or if you can also play casino games too. All this and more is covered in our full poker room reviews. Pick a poker room from the list here and read some of our reviews now

Part 5: Find Out About The Current Special Offers
Online Poker Rooms offer incredible welcome bonuses to new players because they want you to come and try them out. This may be free money when you deposit fund for the first time or bonuses on every deposit you make. Make sure that you have a look at what bonuses the poker rooms are currently offering. Our poker room reviews show the latest welcome bonuses.

Part 6: Go To The Poker Room's Web Site
Okay so you've done your research and you have found a poker room that you like the sound of. The next thing to do is to visit the poker room web site using one of the links in our reviews (to make sure that you get any special bonuses!). Click any of the links in the reviews or any of the banners to go to the poker room. Click one of these links and a new window will pop-up to take you to the poker room (links open in a new window so you can come back and read more reviews if the poker room isn't the right one after all).

Part 7: Browse The Poker Room's Web Site
Now that you're on the poker room's web site you can find out more about the poker room. We do our best to keep our reviews honest and up to date but for the latest information its a good idea to check the poker room web site. Have a look around and see what the poker room has to offer. Have a read through the Terms and Conditions part and make sure that you can play legally in your country and that everything looks above board.

Part 8: Download The Poker Room Games Software
When you're happy with the poker room you just need to download the games to get started. Look for a Download button on the web site and click the button (you may need to enter your email address too). You will be asked where you want to save the games to, pick the Windows desktop and save the games. This may take a few minutes to complete depending on the speed of your Internet connection. You will only need to download the games once.

Part 9: Install The Games Onto Your Computer
Now you need to install the games to your computer. Just find where you downloaded the program to and double click it to start installing the games. Follow the instructions and the games will install themselves. If you run a firewall on your computer a box may pop-up asking you to give the games software access to the Internet, allow the games access. We're nearly done now!

Part 10: Setting Up An Account With The Poker Room
The next stage is to sign up for an account using the games software. You should just need to fill in your personal details and choose to play for free or for real money. Your details will be safe and secure so there is no need to worry.

Part 11: Deposit Some Money Into Your Account
If you are planning to play for free you can just start to play the practice games. If you want to start playing with real money you will need to add some money to your player account. There should be a Banking or Cashier section in the games software that will allow you to deposit funds into your account. We recommend using Credit or Debit cards or Neteller because it is the quickest and easiest way to start playing.

Part 12: Make Sure You Get Your Welcome Bonus
You are very nearly ready to start playing poker now, however you'd be silly not to make use of the free bonus offers now that you have signed up wouldn't you! Go back to the poker room web site and follow the instructions on claiming your welcome bonuses. Ensure that you follow the instructions exaclty as it says to make sure that you get your bonus without problems.

Step 13: Play Poker!
That's it, you're ready to play! Well you should now be able to play poker online. When you want to play just start the games sofware up, pick a poker table to play at and off you go. Have fun playing online poker, good luck!

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