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Online Poker Guides: Beginner's Guide To Bluffing
Sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand

In poker it's not only what's in your hand that counts, but also what people think is in your hand. If you bet as though you have good cards, other players just may believe you do have good cards. Therein lies the essence of bluffing.

Of course there are good times to bluff and bad times as well. Here are a few insights into bluffing:

• Bluff bad players. Bad players don't necessarily know when they are beaten. So even though you may present yourself as having the stronger hand, they simply may not notice or may not care.
• Don't expect bluffs to work in low limit hold'em. If the cost to see your cards is not significant, why should your bet (or raise) keep anyone from paying to see them?
• Try to bluff many players. You may fool some of them, but if you don't fool everyone you are in trouble.

• Bluff when the board says 'someone' might have made a good hand. An example is when the third of a suit hits the board. 'Someone' might have a flush. If you bet as if you have the flush, the other players may believe you do.
• Bluff against good or tight players. If you are in a pot with a player that looks for a reason to fold, give them one. Try betting big and making them think you have something they cannot beat.

Bluffing is something that is done between players, so the more you know your opponent's habits the better. If a player is a 'calling station' and always calls the bet so they can get to the next card or see the showdown, don't bother trying to bluff them.

If players have caught you bluffing recently, they will remember it. If you try to bluff again too soon do not be surprised if someone calls you, just to 'keep you honest'. Of course this can be used to your advantage. If you find yourself with good cards right after being caught bluffing, you are more likely to have players call your bets, rewarding you with a bigger pot.

Some circumstances have risen as 'typical' bluffing situations. They can be used to your advantage, but veteran players may recognize the play and use it against you. Typical bluffs include:
• Sitting in late position pre-flop. Everyone folds before you. You then bet big, knowing that there are only two players competing against you and that they didn't bet because they liked their hand.  They bet because they had to. The players may interpret your big bet as a sign of strength and simply fold. You will have "stolen the blinds".
• Betting big from last position after everyone else has checked. You can interpret their checks as a lack of confidence in their cards. They may interpret your bet as a strong hand and fold.

Bluffing is an art, and it spices up the game of poker. Make bluffing a part of your arsenal, but not your only weapon at the poker table.

This strategy guide is kindly provided by Poker Prophet

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